• Matt Kopke

The mutterings of Muttley...welcome!

Firstly, welcome (even though the title already gave that away).

The mutterings of Muttley will be a frequent (I'd like to be as bold as to say at least bi-weekly, but we'll see how that goes) blog discussing new and/or controversial topics, mostly in the field of small animal internal medicine. But, as so many things (of course) are intertwined in ways we have yet to discover or even begin to understand, this may expand in to related fields (well, more accurately put, pretty much anything - but I will do my best to try reign in as far as possible).

I'd also love to get your feedback and hear from you, whether it be on topics discussed, questions you might like answered in future blog posts, or even random questions like why my previous dog's name was Juliet. That being said, please don't ask why the blog is called what it is.

Again, welcome and happy future readings - we'll do our best to keep it, well, interesting.


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