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What does a case review entail?

After the consultation request form has been completed and all the relevant patient records have been reviewed, we formulate a patient-specific review of not only the clinical findings (i.e., abnormalities identified on history-taking, physical examination and further diagnostic testing), but we also provide recommendations on current treatment, and any additional treatments or modifications to the current plan that may be necessary. We advise on monitoring protocols for the particular patient in question, and finally, if appropriate/necessary, we also make comments on prognosis.

Why should I as an owner or even referring veterinarian opt for a consultation with Virtual Veterinary Consultants, rather than simply having my pet or patient referred to a specialist veterinary hospital?

Simply put, we understand that referral is not always possible. This may be because of a remote location, and an inability to travel, perhaps even reluctance to potentially proceed with further diagnostics and their associated costs, or merely a desire to continue dealing with one person, your family veterinarian. We at Virtual Veterinary Consultants aim to bridge this gap. With opting for a consultation and case review with us, the client-veterinarian relationship that you have already established remains in place. The referring veterinarian remains responsible for the management of the patient, while we at Virtual Veterinary Consultants simply guide the decision-making where needed.

How are the findings/recommendations communicated following review of the case?

We provide a copy of the review (in PDF format) to the referring veterinarian, which can then be discussed in consultation with the owner. We are also happy to discuss any further questions or concerns raised by either the referring veterinarian or owners of the patient, via email communication, telephonic discussion, or video meeting (e.g., Microsoft Teams, Skype, or Zoom).

How is the case review invoiced, and what payment options are available?

The referring veterinary clinic will be invoiced within two weeks of completion of the case review. Payment can be made either by direct transfer (a borderless account is also available for easy payment by clients outside of New Zealand) or credit card payment.

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