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What do we offer?

We offer telemedicine consults (via email, telephonic discussion, or video meeting) with primary care (i.e., general practice) veterinarians from around the world.  We consult on small animal cases. From the complicated ones that need recommendations on further diagnostics, to ones that have a diagnosis already, but are in need of some advice regarding treatment and monitoring.

What do we do?

We review the case in detail, discuss important findings on history-taking, physical examination, and diagnostic testing, and make recommendations regarding further diagnostics, treatment, monitoring, and where appropriate, prognosis and quality of life.

How is this different from a referral to a veterinary specialist hospital or university?

The responsibility for the care of the animal remains with the primary care veterinarian. In other words, we are simply here to help guide the management of the case. Further diagnostics are performed through the referring veterinary clinic. In today’s day and age, virtually anything is possible - with ready access to mobile radiologists who can assist with abdominal ultrasound in-clinic, or even more advanced diagnostics such as CT or MRI through local human hospitals.

Why should I consider having a consult with Virtual Veterinary Consultants, instead of or before proceeding with a ‘regular’ or ‘traditional’ referral?

Our case review process offers several benefits, namely:

The primary care veterinarian remains responsible for the care of the animal. This means that you maintain the already established veterinarian-client-patient relationship. In other words, continuity. We simply help guide the process, where necessary.

The primary care veterinarian is continually involved in the management of the case. With provision of supporting references pertaining to the case and its management, this can serve as ‘bespoke’ continued professional development (CPD).


The client does not have to transport their animal to a referral hospital.


There is the potential for a significant financial saving compared with a ‘traditional referral’.



We are a group of talented and somewhat quirky veterinarians providing remote veterinary services to veterinarians around the world.


We are here to help with tricky cases, that aren't possible to refer, or where sometimes you just need a second opinion.

We understand that referring complicated cases is not always possible, whether it be because of financial constraints, or simply a matter of location and no referral practices within reach.


So we aim to bridge this gap, to help veterinarians 

ensure that their patients get the best advice and care possible.


After all, we're pretty crazy about animals here at Virtual Veterinary Consultants.


Have a question? Perhaps you can find the answer under our FAQs section (button below). Still no luck? Or maybe you have a suggestion on how we can better help you? Feel free to reach out to us using the links on the images below or by filling out the form on our Contact Us section (button below). We look forward to hearing from you.

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